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Okay, I've learned. Probably better to not make any forecasts or predictions as pertaining to the future productivity or projected web-promiscuity of this so-called blog. Maybe I'll be able to put up some mixes here and there though. So. Here's one I made a few months ago, walked around listening to constantly for like a week straight and then forgot about. Plenty early 80's mutant diy fun with a little art disco weirdity thrown in too. Shitty mspaint covers made on a snow day.

eat it, my trolls


Trousers Full Of Treacle

Well, I've finally been getting around to making a bunch of sweet mixes for this sorely neglected blog. Expect posts on the semi-reg in the near future, and some contributions from a few friends. For now here is a great big gob of juicy freakbeat psych-pop goodness for you all. A slightly weirder and goofier older brother to the Nuggets 2 boxed set, I guess. Enjoy!

Fill Your Trousers

Fire - Treacle Toffee World
Tages - Miss Mac Baren
Ro-d-ys - Dr Sipher
Billy Nicholls - Portobello Road
The Action - Icarus
The Smoke - We Can Take It
Clear Light - Black Roses
Blond - I Pick Up The Bus
Blues Magoos - Sybil Green (Of The In Between)
Pretty Things - She Says Good Morning
Turquoise - Tales of Flossie Fillett
Fairport Convention - Time Will Show the Wiser
The Tremeloes - Let Your Hair Down
Los Walkers - La Casa De Juan
Kaleidoscope - Faintly Blowing
Sweet Feeling (aka Rupert's People) - Charles Brown
Art - I Think I'm Going Weird
Blossom Toes - Look At Me I'm You
Aphrodite's Child - End of the world
The End - Don't Take Me
The Marmalade - Kaleidoscope
Koobas - Here's A Day
The Tickle - Good Evening
Small Faces - Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire
Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Second Hand - A Fairy Tale (single version)
Mark Wirtz - Grocer Jack {Excerpt from a Teenage Opera}


Kiwi Throwdown

A compilation of some outstanding New Zealand favorites to semi-officially kick things off.

Toy Love - Sheep
Bored Games - I Don't Get It
Children's Hour - Go Slow
The Gordons - Adults And Children
Nocturnal Projections - In Purgatory
Wasp Factory - Work
The Pin Group - Ambivalence
The Stones - Something New
The Clean - Billy Two
Mainly Spaniards - That's What Your Friends Are For
Goblin Mix - Fruit Of The Womb
The Terminals - Juju Eyes
The Bats - Trouble In This Town
Look Blue Go Purple - Grace
The Great Unwashed - Born In The Wrong Time
The Rip - Starless Road
Scorched Earth Policy - Salivating
Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Own Two Feet
The Verlaines - Icarus Missed
This Kind Of Punishment - Out Of My Hands
Axemen - The Warhead Of Love
The Max Block - Sonic Blur
Able Tasmans - Caroline
The Puddle - K3
Peter Jefferies - Guided Tour Of A Well Known Street
Tall Dwarfs - I've Left Memories Behind
3D's - Hairs

NEW LINK 3/3/2012

Many many many thanks to The Doldrums. where a treasure trove of great New Zealand artifacts of the 80's and 90's can be found. Also the old Kiwi Tapes (discontinued, but with some very crucial links still alive) , Young Moss Tongue, and also the long-gone Mixotheque.

Hello and an M.O. of sorts...

Anyone who knows me at all is probably well aware of my rabid and incurable penchant for making mixed tapes (and cd's when so inclined, which i must say happens less). I'm afraid that I might even be incapable of enjoying music without somewhere in the back of my mind trying to fit it into a sort of narrative arc outside of its own context that is completely subjective to my own enjoyment/agenda...can't help it! I've been puttering around with the idea of an all-mix blog for awhile now, So that's basically what's going down here. Admittedly a great deal of the music will have been pieced together from other peoples' rips and blogs. Indeed, I'm almost certain that several posts will turn out to be virtual tributes in that respect, so many thanks must go out to these generous folks. The sidebar will be saturated with links to them in due time.

I hope to post, saaay, a mix a week. Or maybe twice a month would be more realistic as these can be rather time-consuming. Also, I would love to have other contributors on board so please email me at fathercannotyell at gmail if you'd like to participate on the regular, or just guest it up one time. Alightythen...


Just Another Mixtape Blog

I made this 90 minute mixtape on Christmas Day 2008 for no one in particular.

It's mainly alot of psych-tinged folk and sweetly cheerful hippy music. Hope you like it.


1 Parameter - Virgin Childe
2 Heron - Yellow Roses
3 Bad Penny - Forest
4 Jog Along Bess - Vashti Bunyan
5 Fallen Angels - A Horn Playing on My Thin Wall
6 Pearls Before Swine - Drop Out
7 Bill Fay - We Want You To Stay
8 Richard & Linda Thompson - Has He Got a Friend for Me
9 Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Throat of Winter
10 Kevin Ayers - The Oyster And The Flying Fish
11 Incredible String Band - The Hedgehog's Song
12 Mogollar - Mapushane Içinde Mermerden Direk
13 Whysp - Colours Rise
14 Peter Lang - Muggy Friday


15 Pierre Akendengue - Oma Ayiya
16 Earth & Fire - You Know The Way
17 Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - The Asmoto Running Band
18 Sidan - Gobiath Angklung
19 Mellow Candle - Vile Excesses
20 Nelson Angelo e Joyce - Comunhão
21 Stone Harbour - Summer Magic Is Gone
22 Vulcans Hammer - Jamie
23 Shide and Acorn - I Used To Live Within A World
24 Sibylle Baier - Colour Green
25 Kevin Coyne - Everybody Says
26 Karen Dalton - Something on Your Mind
27 Michael Hurley - Penguins

Thanks must be given to the original uploaders of these elusive tracks, most especially Mad Hatter of the wonderful Peppermint Store.